Hat Parade


FRIDAY, October 5th, 2018, however, please feel free to hold your hat parade anytime throughout the year. We are looking for schools, businesses, organizations, churches or just groups of individuals to put together a special “hat parade” in their hometown.

Proceeds from this event go to pay for the costs that are involved with shipping all of the new head wear to the patients and hospitals. We do not charge the patients for the hats or the cost of shipping the hats to them it is completely free of charge to them, which is why this event is so important to us and to the patients in need.

To watch a video about our organization please click the link listed below.

Heavenly Hats Video (Click Here)

Please click the below link to watch a video of one of our young hat heroes. This is the reason that we hold our National Hat Parade.

Hat Hero Video (click here)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our past National Hat Parade Days. Thank you all very much and we hope that you can join us again! If your school will be participating in a hat parade any time in 2018-2019 just drop us an email so that we can get you added to our list.

Help us raise the funds to ship the new hats to all of the patients and hospitals free of charge. This is our most important fundraiser of the year. Without this hat parade we would not be able to afford to ship all of the hat packages to all of the patients in need free of charge. Please encourage your school and other schools and businesses in your community to participate. You can even challenge other schools or businesses to see who can raise the most. This is also a great event for churches and church groups to hold. Just ask members to wear their favorite hat to a service and donate $1.00 (or whatever amount you choose) to Heavenly Hats. It is a lot of fun!

WHAT: Our Fall National Hat Parade

WHERE: In your school, at your business, at a park, at your church, basically anywhere where you think that you can gather a group together. This event can be held in any community across the nation.

WHEN: The official date is Friday, October 5th, 2018, however, if this date is not convenient for you please feel free to hold it on any other date that works best.

The Heavenly Hats Foundation(TM) is holding its “Hat Parade Event” to benefit medical patients around the globe who lose their hair due to their disease or treatment of a disease. What we would like everyone to do is to organize an event in their community by holding their own “hat parade” in their school, at their place of business, at their church, in a park or just by getting a group of people together to have a luncheon or dinner or maybe a walk around their community. We would ask that everyone who was involved in the parade make a donation to the Heavenly Hats Foundation(TM) and for this donation they would earn the privilege of wearing their favorite hat at their event. Pull out your most outrageous hat that you can find and have a “hat parade.”

For example, if you held the event in a school the students and faculty who would like to be involved would pay $1.00 (or any amount) and be allowed to wear their favorite hat to school for the day. Normally wearing hats in school is against the dress code, so this is a great honor for the kids. Maybe even have a time during the day where the students could parade their hats around the entire school or gymnasium. Think of all of the fun hats that could be worn. If you held the event at a business, the employees would each pay $1.00 and wear their favorite hat to work for the day, you get the idea.

Some Fun Ideas

1. Have a contest for the craziest hat, the hat that shows the most school spirit or the best work themed hat.

2. Set aside a time during the day when you can show off your hats by holding a parade somewhere at school or work.

3. Contact local media to film or take photos of your hat parade.

4. Wear your hats to a school event such as a football game.

5. Get a group of friends together and make your own hats to wear.

6. Make some fun hats to wear that day in your art class.

7. Gather your co-workers and decorate some crazy hats for the event.

8. Have a pet walk or community walk and wear your hats.

9. Challenge the other schools in your district to see who can raise the most and then the winner gets a prize, traveling trophy etc. If your school gets 2 other schools in your district to participate in your challenge please let us know and we will provide the traveling trophy for your district.

Participating schools will receive a Thank You letter, Certificate of Achievement and this year we added door hangers to show off your participation.

Door Hanger HH

Please help us to make our “Hat Parade” a huge success and help all of our “Hat Heroes” in need. The cost of shipping our new hats to the patients and hospitals is a huge expense to our organization and your participation in this event would go to help so many patients in need.

If you need any other information or if you would like to be a “group leader” and head up one of these “hat parades just send an email to: anthony@heavenlyhats.com and we will get you everything that you need. If you do not receive an email response back from us within 24 hours please call us at 920-362-2668 as we sometimes have problems with emails going into our spam folder.

We would also like you to take photos at your event so that we can post them to the website. I am sure there will be a lot of crazy and fancy hats worn and we should be able to get some great photos of everyone.

The top school from each state who raises the most money at their event will receive a trophy for their efforts.

Remember we would greatly appreciate it if you could drop a note to: anthony@heavenlyhats.com to let us know that you are participating so that we can get an idea of how many will be involved in our event this year. Also, if you would like us to email you some additional information to help you with your event we would be happy to do so. If for some reason you do not get an email response back from us please call us at 920-362-2668 as there are some emails that do end up in our spam folder for some reason and we do not always catch them!!!

All donation checks can be made payable directly to the Heavenly Hats Foundation and sent to: Heavenly Hats-2325 Pamperin Rd. Suite 3-Green Bay, WI 54313. If you would like a receipt for your donation please send a note along with your check and we will be happy to mail one to you.

The Heavenly Hats Foundation would like to give a huge shout out to Lexie Vankirk.  Lexie is from Ocean City, MD and has taken it upon herself to get many schools in her state involved with our Hat Parade.  Lexie is such an inspiration and she has helped our foundtation tremendously with our efforts to help those in need.  Thank you again so much Lexie you are the best.

You can also help us by visiting www.bravelets.com/bravepage/heavenly-hats-foundation

A portion of the proceeds from these fabulous bracelets are donated to the Heavenly Hats Foundation.

Thank you so much for your help!



Use www.goodsearch.com and type in Heavenly Hats Foundation as your charity of choice every time you do a search on the internet and a donation will be made to our foundation to help patients in need. You can make www.goodsearch.com your home page for your search engine.


If you would like to send hats please contact us for alternative shipping address.

ATTENTION: DeeAnn Leanna

2325 Pamperin Rd. Suite 3

Green Bay, WI 54313