Fall Hat Parade

FRIDAY, October 8th, 2021, however, please feel free to hold your hat parade any date that works the best for you. We are looking for schools, businesses, organizations, churches or just groups of individuals to put together a special “hat parade” in their hometown.  

Proceeds from this event go to pay for the costs that are involved with shipping all of the new head wear to the patients and hospitals. We do not charge the patients for the hats or the cost of shipping the hats to them it is completely free of charge to them, which is why this event is so important to us and to the patients in need.

Heavenly Hats is an official 501 (c) 3 organization.  For a copy of our letter of acceptance from the IRS please email us at anthony@heavenlyhats.com

Thank you to everyone who participated in our past National Hat Parade Days. Thank you all very much and we hope that you can join us again! If your school will be participating in a hat parade any time in 2021 just drop us an email so that we can get you added to our list.

Help us raise the funds to ship the new hats to all of the patients and hospitals free of charge. This is our most important fundraiser of the year. Without this hat parade we would not be able to afford to ship all of the hat packages to all of the patients in need free of charge. Please encourage your school and other schools and businesses in your community to participate. You can even challenge other schools or businesses to see who can raise the most. This is also a great event for churches and church groups to hold. Just ask members to wear their favorite hat to a service and donate $1.00 (or whatever amount you choose) to Heavenly Hats. It is a lot of fun!

WHAT: Our Fall National Hat Parade

WHERE: In your school, at your business, at a park, at your church, basically anywhere where you think that you can gather a group together. This event can be held in any community across the nation.

WHEN: The official date is Friday, October 8th, 2021 however, if this date is not convenient for you please feel free to hold it on any other date that works best.